Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner @P&A

No turkey or turducken here (thankfully!) – only generous helpings of corn-bhel for starters, delicious Rajma, bisi-bele bhat, capsicum bhaji for dinner and rosogulla & Snickers ice-cream for dessert.
The game of UNO that took place in the meantime was quite interesting – picture this – 11 people playing UNO, till the end! Two games took a good hour and half – but it was boatloads of fun – especially when you have someone in the group who is a shameless and self-professed cheater! - and there’s someone who's the poor scapegoat who gets dinged with all the +2 and +4 and Skips no matter where she sits Interesting.
All this at P&A's place - they really are great hosts.

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