Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dinner Conversation

Sarat came over for dinner – interesting discussion on men and women – how women are more society-oriented … and why as opposed to men who are basically loners!
We observed that girls play with Barbie dolls (mostly) and dress their dolls up while boys pretty much play with cars – making and breaking them. Girls/Women are more social creatures – they would form a group and talk to each other when in proximity whereas a group of men could be extremely quiet and non-conversational. We tied that to the fact that men are the stronger (physically) sex and were historically in no apparent danger unlike women who were always in danger of being attacked by them horrible men and hence feel (and are) safer when in a group.
Women want to be felt a part of the herd while Men on the other hand long for a sense of power/recognition albeit only in a hierarchical structure – work, home, play etc.
We concluded that just like a lot of other animals(mammals) (lions, elephants etc.) , men are loners and generally live within themselves unlike women who are more socially oriented –we’re hardwired that way I guess!

The conversation then drifted towards the Mahabharata and both Sarat and D never cease to amaze me with how much they know about the Epic. Hopefully I will be able to know half as much and be able to tell our kids some good stuff 

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