Friday, November 18, 2005

FedEx Interview

Quite an interesting interview – not at all the behavioral types that we usually have!
This one was more analytical – albeit very very “strict” (the interviewers would not smile if their life depended upon it!)
They asked me to calculate the number of people that travel thru Heathrow airport in a year. And they wanted a number – not an estimate – with calculations and all!!! Interesting stuff … I eventually came up with 144,000/day, i.e. 52.5 million/year which is not quite far from the truth (the airport claims that its 67.7 million!) – pat pat pat on the back  … a plane every 2 mins – 200/plane – 6000/hour – 144,000/day!
But interesting Question – I guess they wanted to see how I think … hmm!

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