Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chuck's points of view

Chuck Recor’s comments on man and how he perceives himself 
Chuck believes that we (as a species) have a tendency to consider ourselves more adept that we ever are!
He said the only way that we have survived over thousands of years is by going for the small animals and low hanging fruit as opposed to the wooly mammoths and other large creatures! His point was well taken – we probably went for the low hanging fruit and stayed out of the radar of quick extinction! This is, he added, quite opposite the drawings on the walls of caves where we depicted men hunting mammoths and sabretooth! Obviously I would rather spend 48 hours sculpting something grand as opposed to sculpting the boring activities.

He also believes that we are genetically quick thinkers – “I heard a roar – let’s scamper” – as opposed to being the “I heard a roar - let’s try and analyze the source of this roar” – chomp chomp … burp!

“Fish don’t have a clue about water” – very very interesting point of view to make a point on our blind sightedness with our surroundings.

“Older people are *More Cynical *More Ethical and *More Conservative” – point well taken.

“The legal invention of “Corporation” has done more good for the society than any other invention” – debatable point of view … but in today’s capitalistic world – probably!

“Capitalism and Democracy do not indemnify corporations for stupidity” – wonder why? … probably the reason why rogue execs. Feign mental problems!

“Capitalism is $1 = 1vote” “Democracy is MyVote = Bill Gates’ vote” – hmm …

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