Friday, November 11, 2005

D gives me a Haircut … finally!

(as happened on 11/8)
I don’t know who enjoyed it more – me or D! D’s dream of giving me a haircut (although she claims that it was a hair-trim and not a hair-cut) finally came true! Lazy me coupled with the fact that I have a couple of interviews coming up, and a few other things (like Sarat asking D to trim his hair last week) caused this event to happen. Interesting to hear her describe the event to her mom as I write  - it appears that I gave her very skeptical looks when she was holding the scissors! The verdict is not yet out – I think she did a good job – will keep you posted ;)

On another note - each time I think about a haircut - I remember this one Superman comic book - he kicks some alien butt in some alien planet but some stuff in that planet makes his hair vulnerable temporarily - so he quickly goes to a barber-shop as Clark Kent and enjoys a "relaxing" haircut. Of course the effect wears off after a few minutes and the barber breaks his scissors trying to cut CK's hair - yada yada yada
Point is - I never ever found a haircut to be "relaxing" - in fact I've always hated it! But I have heard people telling me that it is a relaxing experience! OMG!

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brijwhiz said...

Megz gave me a haircut once. Ended up quite cool. However seems I stressed her out so much that she refuses to give me a cut again:( :)