Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday "frenzy"

It is interesting to experience the “frenzy” that happens when you enter the store! Had the experience @Staples today morning, after having waited for 30 minutes (in the cold) to enter the store. Waiting in the line at the cashier’s desk – I reflected on that precise feeling that I had experienced about 20 minutes earlier – had mixed feelings of elation, stupidity, guilt – can’t really place it – I guess “frenzy” explains it best!
It’s that time when probably no one is your friend – every man for himself – courtesy be damned! And you want to take more, much more than what you want or came for … just because!!!
Is this how man would behave when resources become (are) scarce?!!? And is this why this day is called "Black Friday"?
Point to ponder!

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