Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Case you missed the news

My boss believes that this is a common practice in India...

what can I say - I really don't feel like disagreeing ...

we are a queer bunch - if we're not throwing kids out of windows then we are ensuring that elephants are forced to trample devotees in temples or of even making sure that the stone idols in temples get an air-conditioner and a daily dose of Chandan - lest Shyaam become dark due to the heat!

Keep the faith.

Tashan Mein

... Hey... Tali bajawe naache gaawe ... Rab howe shareek jeene ke jashan mein

Has been a part of me for the past few weeks now ...
one of those songs - I feel - you know ... that nicely defines 'Indian Rock' - a heady mix of guitars and drums thrown in with a dash of grunge and specks of indian classical music. decent lyrics too - no heavy-duty urdu or poetry here - its a simple song - the kind that doesn't have hidden layers and prompts you to sing along, headbang, do your thing. the kind I like. a lot.


Long time since a song has stuck/struck like that.

Thank You Vishal. Thank You Shekhar. Thank you Saleem. and something tells me to thank Pentagram.

hear hear. .here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learing to Fly ... Step 1 - Jump

Jump they said ... ... ... So jump I did
(they actually shouted 'Bungy'!)