Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Case you missed the news

My boss believes that this is a common practice in India...

what can I say - I really don't feel like disagreeing ...

we are a queer bunch - if we're not throwing kids out of windows then we are ensuring that elephants are forced to trample devotees in temples or of even making sure that the stone idols in temples get an air-conditioner and a daily dose of Chandan - lest Shyaam become dark due to the heat!

Keep the faith.

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raoul said...

I am appalled by your hypocrisy. One day you are diving from bridges tied to a giant rubber band, the next you are denying babies their right to jump off the roof. If anything, you should be encouraging these children for taking to adventure sports this early in life.

What's that you say now? You dived on your own free will? Balderdash. If their were a thing as free will, how do you explain octopus flavoured ice cream?