Thursday, July 24, 2008

Absolute Batman ... Hush!

No! This is not about the movie (altho' I wish it was ...)

Have spent the last few evenings re-reading Batman-Hush and I can not describe how much fun that has been ... especially reading it in the DC Absolute format
... kinda like the 'big-screen' version of a comic ... with the slipcase, oversize pages and all the extras ...
takes the experience to a whole new level ...
the large size does some justice to the phenomenal artwork of Jim Lee ... - sooo many frames in the book simply beg to be framed and hung on the wall ... like the work of Alex Ross ... but he deserves a separate post altogether!

for now ... waiting (impatiently) for Absolute Dark Knight to arrive in the mail ... and also for DK to show up in Luanda!
oh come-on already!!!

Images Courtesy Wikipedia,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Directors as Project-Managers

Always wondered how much vision directors possess ... the good ones I mean.

It’s a tough job.

Its one thing to read a screenplay and make a movie but imagining the whole in that much detail before it is created must require a lot ...
I mean - they just make bits and pieces - here and there - and all the time they have to have the complete picture in mind - well its not just a picture but a movie ... you know with motion and all ... the shots, camera angles, pauses, effects, continuity, story, emotions, locations, weather, lighting, people, schedules, costs ... and everything else that goes into making a movie ...

I guess that’s why the screenplay guy is so important as well ...

My point -
This duo would probably be best suited to manage cutting-edge projects - where the final product has never been created but the idea exists on some sketchy plane ... no?
IT, R&D, Technology ... u know ...