Thursday, July 24, 2008

Absolute Batman ... Hush!

No! This is not about the movie (altho' I wish it was ...)

Have spent the last few evenings re-reading Batman-Hush and I can not describe how much fun that has been ... especially reading it in the DC Absolute format
... kinda like the 'big-screen' version of a comic ... with the slipcase, oversize pages and all the extras ...
takes the experience to a whole new level ...
the large size does some justice to the phenomenal artwork of Jim Lee ... - sooo many frames in the book simply beg to be framed and hung on the wall ... like the work of Alex Ross ... but he deserves a separate post altogether!

for now ... waiting (impatiently) for Absolute Dark Knight to arrive in the mail ... and also for DK to show up in Luanda!
oh come-on already!!!

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Margin Fades said...

Oh, and that's one thing I forgot to ask you on the phone the other day - any chance of seeing "The Dark Night"? Because it was *amazing*. Can't wait for you to see it, and hear your thoughts. :-)

Venky said...

By some strange stroke of luck - the movie is already showing in Angola!!!
So yes ... have seen in twice in the last two weeks :)
beyond Amazing movie!