Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dark Knight

Batman Begins was amazing
Dark Knight is beyond amazing!

Too many things to write about - can't type that fast - multiple finger-fracture (ouch) ...

Favorite scene - When Joker rides away in the cop car with his head sticking out ... laughing ... zig-zagging on the road ... brilliant stuff!

Ledger - "dude ... if you're listening - you are the best joker to date! Kudos."
Nolan - "love the way you portray Batman dude ... simply love it ... I hope the other directors watch you and cry at nights ... for their stupendous stupidity!"
Two Face - Superb makeup/effects ... very curious to see how that was done ...

summary ... a 20 out of 10 for the DK.
Am sure Frank Miller would agree ...

When is the next installation team?

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raoul said...

Rubbish. Cesar Romero was the best Joker ever.

Margin Fades said...

*grin* so you finally saw it! Yeah - it rocked. And Ledger deserves a posthumous Oscar.

Venky said...

@raoul - pfffft :P

@lynn - Yep - saw it - loved it - saw it again - loved it even more :)