Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beer for Votes

I guess I have *almost* seen it all now ... hear this -

In wake of the the Angolan parliamentary elections next month, some party has slashed the price of Cuca - the local beer - by 70%
Yep - you can buy 3 beers for @80 cents in Luanda now
A couple of weeks ago 1 beer would have cost you more than 1 US dollar!!

From what I understand, the prices of other commodities and essentials like water have not changed. Of course ...

Overpopulated city ... overdose of cars on the road ... bad traffic ... rash driving ... election frenzy ... and now more drunk drivers on the road. .Nice.

Indian politicians ... are you watching and learning???

Image I found on Webshots under user jdfugatini

Cuca is pretty big in Angola I hear and see ... pic I took a while ago of the Cuca lights that you see from most parts of town.

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