Thursday, May 31, 2007

Surface Scratching

Yes I am in Luanda, Angola ... but this is about something else altogether!

I cant wait to scratch the surface of Surface.

Yes - the new toy by Microsoft ... in short - ME WANT!

(image courtesy

My crystal ball shows a whole new ecosystem ... even larger than tha Ipod franchise ... much bigger. The possibilities are so many ... (beyond the video on the web-site - which, by the way you MUST see!)
For starters I would like to have a DJ-turntable application for the Surface - so that it can replace all the expensive and bulky hardware and flimsy Discs!
Then they could have a "real" canvas ... you could paint with special pens ... just like you would on canvas.
Virtual Keyboards - the musical version!
Virtual Tablas, bongos ...
Don't even get me started on the interactive games ( I still have to post about my Wii fun for the past 6 months!) - so many that I can think of right now ... and multiply the fun with motion based controllers ...

I should stop! ... My mind is kicking into overdrive! All this excitement within 10 minutes of reading about the Surface is probably not healthy!
But remember this day ... you will! I sure will.