Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005 @Franklin Street

Always wondered what made the world celebrate this strange festival and I guess I found most of my anwers this time around :)
Was at Franklin Street (Chapel Hill) this time and it truly was amazing to see the creativity in people when it comes to Halloween costumes.
Some of my favourites were -
Rubik’s cube
Roman Boob checker
Superman and WonderWoman
Ninja’s (who were actually performing stunts)
Napoleon Dynamite (there was a "Vote for Pedro" around too!)
People from Saudi (that was kinda dicy!)
People from India
Samurai (very authentic)

Of course there were the regular nudists dressed as Hulk, WWF superstars etc. and the regular Grim Reapers, Draculas, Spidermen, waitresses etc.
There even was this one person with a giant dildo-baloon which was attracting a lot of attention - LOL

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