Saturday, November 19, 2005

Indian Marriages and everything else ...

Discussion/Story telling session at P&A’s house – interesting stuff – quite an adventure they have had! Couldn’t have guessed the lengths they went to get married – sweet.
Of course the nail-biting narration was followed by the obvious questions – “why is it such a big deal for parents in India to accept love marriages” – kinda cheesy to put it that way – but it sums up the big Q. And the of course, the horrendous jataka matching and matching points or “guns” – all on half-knowledge and Chinese-whispers like traditions, which have gotten quite skewed over the years – apparently we have lost the art of doing it right – so might as well give it up – sooner the better!

Then of course – marriages (in India especially) is a bonding between families – its much much more than the two ppl involved! Might as well get the jatakas of the whole kit and caboodle matched!

The topic drifted towards art – and why artists make it difficult to interpret – Preethu made an interesting point that the “multiple interpretations” part of art is what makes it exciting! But then we could not justify the “Nobody understands me!” stance that most artists seem to have!
Well … I can see a red dot on a white canvas and be fine as long as I am not expected to understand the real meaning and depth (or the lack of it) behind the dot!

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