Friday, November 18, 2005

Could it have BEEN any worse?

Had to take a flight out of Raleigh at 6:30 am – planned to wake up at 4:30a. Unfortunately could not sleep a wink! “It’s a long flight – no problem”
Some passenger develops a Medical emergency in the flight … flight lands in Alabama for the meds to get in … we reach Houston a hour and a half later – at 10:30am ! We missed our connecting flight! “I guess they should have a flight to Oakland (CA) in a couple of hours”
The next flight to Oakland was at 9pm! “Oh my god!” – but wait – there’s a flight to San Francisco at 5:55p – “Nice – looks like I will miss lunch but still be able to make it to Battery park and take a walk on the Golden Gate.” Cho2 is in training – dang! Would have been awesome to see her. “That’s fine – will see her in a week or so …”
Pranav drops by at the airport for a couple of hours – it’s always fun to be with Pranav.
Warm and sunny at Houston at about 3pm – “Couple of hours for the flight – let me take a quick nap!”
Wake up at 5p to an overcast and rainy Houston – weather has taken a beating due to some spurious tornadoes that have sprung up in the area. “Hmm … hope the flight does not get delayed!”
Flight gets delayed – it’s scheduled at 9pm now. “Hmm … now what to do – maybe I’ll get to meet Cho2 after all – silver lining given the dark clouds – literally!”
Update – the flight is scheduled for 7pm. “I guess it won’t be possible for Cho2 to come …”
Cho2 tells me that she’s stuck in traffic and will not be able to make it to the airport on time and she’s anyways headed home. “Hmmm – No chance of meeting of Cho2 but Battery Park just might happen!”
7pm – Update that flight is at 9pm – “Dang – no Battery Park – no sleep – not be able to see Cho2 either – dang dang dang!”
Flight leaves at 9:15p – will reach San Francisco at 11:30p – good thing at least there’s a limo waiting for us.
11:30p – Always nice to be back in San Francisco -  “uh oh – no limo – what’s happening?” – Limo is running late – might have to wait for 25 mins – “Hmmm”
12:30a – Limo arrives – wait a minute – it’s not a limo – it’s a town car – “Dang”
Well at this point we just want to get to the Marriott and crash – 30 mins – nice.
Teresa – the driver – loses her way. “Dang” – good thing I noticed that she missed the 680N exit … and thankfully I remembered some of the roads. “Nice to be in California – but not like this!”
Almost expected something to go wrong when we entered the Marriott – but guess what – looks like our bad luck had run out  - we got the keys and were in bed by 2am – Nice.
But then – had to wake up at 6:20am – for a long day of interviews … sigh!
“Battery Park – Golden Gate – We shall return”
Gate from vista point 1

Gate from vista point 2

Gate from Battery Park vista point

Gate from Battery Park vista point

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