Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ajit - My first Google Video

This is in reference to my earlier post on Calcutta
Late December 2005 - Walking in the vicinity of Park Street – on some innocuous street in Calcutta – I see this dude sitting on the pavement with a bunch of painted greeting cards by him – reminiscent of the “painting-on-a-leaf” greeting cards that are sold on the streets of VT (wish I had one of them right now!) – anyways ... Curious as ever I asked him if he painted those cards. He replied with a sense of pride that he not only painted those cards by hand but he actually used his “hands” for painting them – no brushes used here! I asked him how long it took him to paint one and he replied without a pause – “three minutes”!
Next - we crowded around him to watch him in action and sure enough, our jaws were on the pavement a couple of minutes later. Heck – he was almost half done by the time I pulled out my camera and started recording! And I don’t take too much time to do that! Take a lookie here – my first google video upload – superb stuff!
Asked him to sign on the card – Ajit – amazing Ajit!
Sure enough we bought most of his cards on display – at an unbelievable price of Rs.10 each!!!
Hmmm … art is soooooooooooooooooo cheap in India! I can not even imagine how much Ajit could make if he commercialized his works … food for the MBA thought!

and pls ignore the glitchy scans.
The Man - Ajit -

And thank you Brij for these 2 pics ...

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De-Silva said...

Hiya there Venks,

Aaahh...the pics finally got to see the light of day! cool stuff....although I doubt Mr. Ajit will ever get to see his video online.

I guess there's so much local talent out there that we'd flood Google Videos if all of them were to be captured!