Monday, December 26, 2005

Calcutta Trip

Dec 24 2005 to Dec 31 2005
Bombay-Calcutta-Jamshedpur-Bhuvaneshwar-Konark-Puri-Bhuvaneshwar-Calcutta-Bombay ... whew!

Kudos to Brij (and Maggi) for planning the entire trip so well.
An early morning flight always sucks – but what the heck – this was one of the high points of the trip – 7 days of touring India - yaaaaaaaaaay
Calcutta city was like any other city in India … only worse! It was a pleasure to see so many yellow Ambassadors as cabs! God bless Amby’s for their ability to seat 6  - and welcome to the land of trams – double yaay :)
The road to Heera’s Holiday Inn gave Brij (and the rest of us) the jitters … but it was a nice place – snug in the heart of Calcutta … a couple of blocks from Calcutta’s famous Park street!
Walking on Park Street on Christmas eve was good fun – the place was crawling with people … and we added 5 to the numbers :D Flurys was a fun place to be … albeit the waiting and pushing in the waiting lines – but hey that’s the festive spirit no?

Spellings in Calcutta are a different story altogether – we were fortunate to witness some of the most innovative spellings and sayings – and our favourite had to be “Mony loss is nothing loss but chariter loss is everythisg loss” – priceless!

The Graceful Victoria Memorial and its light show was good fun.

The Kalighat temple was an experience - I will say no more at this moment!

Lots of good yummy food at the Gupta's - novocaine for the vegetarian souls in Calcutta :) And all the cakes and pastries at the famous Flury's on Park Street.

We bumped into Mr. Ajit (almost ran over would be more appropriate) on the corner of iforgotthename street … and in less than three minutes, all of us were humbled/overjoyed/stupefied/sad to see the amazing talent of the man – the man who painted on greeting cards without a brush! Just uses his fingers and nails – awesome!

Of course the wannabe entrepreneurs in all of us started musing on the idea of trademarking his style and art and not only making big bucks but also give artists like Ajit his due! “Finger art” / “arty fingers” and the likes made their appearance and quickly got lost in the task of getting to Howrah station quickly.
We had to get to Jams for the wedding ...

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