Tuesday, December 06, 2005

MP3 and Music

Those days of audio-cassettes, where we would listen to a tape till it got worn-out - literally! Albums were hard to come by and music got its due diligence ... an album was heard a few times before judgement was passed.
But of late, music has almost become like fast-food "to-go" - if it is not something that makes me stop what I am doing then it does not get a second chance! I don't really like that - one that it is not fair and two that I notice that I am doing something when I am listening to stuff ... not like the old times when I would stick the tape into my Walkman (a SanYo personal-cassette-player actually!) and simply “listen” to the music!
Life has gotten more complicated and music has become more diluted! Like Sarat pointed out, there’s an insane amount of music that is being produced - unlike days of yore! And with mp3's the whole situation seems like it has been put thru the blender!
Ask me my favorite albums and they mostly are the ones I heard on tape first! (‘cept Karsh Kale of course)! Bad. Not Good. Something needs to be done.
the worst thing is - I don't know what to do about it!

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