Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The best city in the world

Bombay at night. 3 January 2006.
The best city in the world – looks its best at night … unfortunately! But amidst all the marriages, food, family and friends, we did manage to slam in a purely impulsive 6 hour drive – New Bombay to Sion to VT to Gateway to Marine Drive to Malabar Hill to Worli to Dadar to Ghatkopar to New Bombay – 80 kilometers of gooooooooood sights from 9pm to 3am. Needless to say - we did have a good pit-stop at GK (Sion) for a splurge of paani-puri, samosa, pav-bhaji and the likes. Would have loved to have Canon's pav-bhaji but that will have to wait ...
Strangely, each time that I pulled out my camera they turned off the lights!
11:55pm - at Gateway adjusting my camera to get a sweet pic of the monument and suddenly everything becomes dark! Things suddenly seem unsafe and we leave the place 
2am – at SiddhiVinayak – am adjusting the camera to get a nice closeup of the Gopura and they turn off the lights!
Seemed like the pattern for the night.

But it’s always boatloads of fun to be in Bombay – we had tea at 1am on Marine drive sitting on the wall – nice. The city never sleeps! Really.

Heck, we almost crashed into someone’s house at Malabar. In all eagerness to view the Queen’s necklace from the top of the hill, I pulled the car onto the curb – when we heard anxious voices screaming “stop”! a couple more feet and we would have been on the terrace of one of the houses and probably crashed thru the roof – what seemed to be the curb was actually the roof of one of the houses! Really Close shave!
Wonder what would have been the first few words exchanged if our car had drooped thru their roof at 2am! “Some tea?” … probably not!

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