Friday, January 27, 2006

Great Videos and Hari Om

Gung-ho on India (as usual) and esp. since its around Jan 26, I looked for some videos by Bharatbala and co. and am assimilating them here -

Jana Gana Mana - The sweet rendition by Rahman and the rest of the Indian maestros.

An awesome link that Hemant sent - here -

Ranjot Barot’s rendition of Vande Maratam - here -

A good representation of Vande Mataram - here -

Incidentally, Bharatbala has also made a movie called Hari Om. I was not aware of this one and stumbled on it (as usual!). I was aware of the tajmahal movie that he was working on (I suspect he finished it!) but not this one. Seems to be a promising one ... and somewhat on the lines of Before Sunrise - one of my favourites.

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