Sunday, January 29, 2006

the movie ...

follow up to my earlier post on Rang De Basanti

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra – the man behind the lens … shows me some aspects of our capital and thereabouts that make me want to drive down those roads (and chopper rides!)
This movie is one of the few few really few movies where I was antsy – every bit of the interval – I could not get the previous 90 minutes or the impact of it out of my mind! I was at a loss of words! Bluffmaster had impressed me a few weeks ago and promised that smooth directors are here to stay – transitioning crapola Bollywood into classy Indian cinema – but this effort went even beyond that!
The Actors –
Siddharth Narayan – need to watch out for this dude – he’s played this rich cynical kid who thinks that all is lost with India – not a very tough role to play but he’s done a brilliant job – really impressive
Kunal Kapoor – I really loved him Meenaxi (the only thing I liked in that movie for sure!) – and he continues to impress. Impressed with his acting.
Aamir Khan – here is an actor who seldom fails to impress! I like Aamir a lot but I’m not a die-hard fan or anything like that. This one scene in the movie where he bursts out crying – says it all – definitely one of the best actors around!
Atul Kulkarni – plays his usual self – fine actor – fine performance
Sharman Joshi – good comic relief – although was overshadowed by everyone else around him!
Khoon Chala – still can see the picturization of this song – my hair stood on its end! Brilliant stuff.
Roobaroo – still am coming to terms with the way this song was shot – awesome, yet left you wanting for more …
Superb stuff … all credit to Rakeysh. His camera work is superb – gives you an “sitting out there” feel – love it. Could see shades of the camera motion in Battlestar Galactica out there! His direction is classy – a seamless blend of Shyam Benegal and James Cameroon (albeit the special effects).
Farhan Akhtar impressed me with Dil Chahta Hai and then even more with his followup Lakshya.
Rakeysh definitely impressed with Aks, but he goes miles more with Rang De Basanti – here is a director who finally delivers a movie with all the fun … and a story!
Cannot wait for his next venture …

and yes - the movie still keeps me awake sometimes - making me think about what I should be doing for India.


brijwhiz said...

Done my bit here :

KillerQueen said...

I really liked the movie too. I think anyone that says they didn't like it, took some parts of it literally. I had a friend say to me ' what kind of a message does it send - go and kill your father?'.
Such spoilsports really annoy me.
A movie is a movie is a movie!
And this was a great one.

Wonderful theme, wonderfully picturised and great performances.

Lets home all the Indians that watched it and felt the need to do something for India are actually able to follow through on that goal.

Sumona said...

Awesome movie...Its been a really long time since I saw such a good hindi movie. Kudos to all actors and the director for not letting it be an "Aamir Khan movie". Cinematography was beautiful. Every actor was absolutely marvelous in their role. And Kunal kapoor is a real hunk :) Madhavan was so cute in his uniform and Sidharth really amazed me with his acting. I'd seen a tamil and teleugu movie of his but this performance has put him in a league of extraordinary actors in my books.

As I had heard from my friend before seeing the movie, it was like Dil Chahta hai meeting Mangal Pandey.

As I was pondering about the movie at night, simple thoughts of history books and movies, current affairs, articles on Satyendra Dubey and the characters of the movie floated in my mind. As Madhavan mentioned in the movie, its easy to sit behind and critisize but not actaully dirty your hands to clean up the mess.

One thing is for sure, that the film has made an impact by the explosion and has made me thingking At least I will think twice beofre i critisize anythign and has got me thinking about contributing my bit for my country.

Quite a big message for my first blog isn't it? :)