Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Hand Rickshaw

Calcutta still has the hand rickshaw mode of transport – a 2 seater pulled by hand. Knee jerk reaction – “no way we should ever climb one of those … its cruel to the drivers”. Soumya made a very very interesting point – “then how would they earn money?”
“wouldn’t it be better to use their services and tip them better so that they can afford to buy a conventional cycle-rickshaw or better!”
excellent point – the next day mom and I took the hand rickshaw back to the hotel – it was a very short distance and we paid the chap twice the amount he asked – all very nice – but we pretty much felt each and every bump on the road! The damn thing does not have any shock absorbers or the sorts! Heck it pretty much has cart-wheels – no air cushion in the wheels here!

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