Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

25 January 2006 - Not the movie - the day I completed reading the book! Yes ... a book! Its been years (almost 10) since I picked up a book (without pictures) and read it end to end. It feels great to be reading again - and it does bring back the sweet and painful patience game, while you wait for the next page/chapter!
As much as I enjoyed reading, I think I shall postpone picking up another book (a big one i.e.) for a few months - till at least I am out of school! The Reading Bug is around me - I can feel it - its just a matter of time ... I'm excited :)
Oh, the book - awesome - Can not wait to go to Paris now :) I know some of the purists out there (that includes you Sarat :P) may say that the book is crap and lacks depth, but hey - its good fun! No wonder its being made into a movie ...
For now I guess its going to be my Nat Geo's and my ever faithful Comics :)

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