Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Casual chat with a dear friend – wandered off into the days when she used to work for wildlife preservation and she snapped back saying that she was actually working for us! How very true! How easily we forget that by saving our ecosystem we are essentially saving our sorry butts!

Which got me thinking – we’ve got it all wrong! “We” are the wild-life on this planet – Mankind (women included!) is the wildest species on the planet … destroying or gobbling up everything in sight! And the audacity – to call the civic (for lack of a better word) and balanced creatures as “wild-life” – huh!

Arrogant, pompous, conceited bastards – that’s what we are – wild-life!


Pallavi said... that me? first visit to your blog(oops, my loss, as i now see ;)) and i am taken by surprise! almost flattered. thanks. :)

wildlife conservation. hmmm. does wildlife care? the last tiger poached or the last tree felled would be the last nail in OUR coffin. the last tiger would niether know nor worry about the fact that it is the last tiger. neither would the last tree. so when i say saving the tiger is not about saving the tiger, it is about saving ourselves, i am just being the really selfish human being that i really am. :)

Venky said...

Yep - thats you my friend - not too many dear friends work for wildlife preservation :D
and I do see a hint of "a little bit of everything" - nice :))


brijwhiz said...

Venky do you now undersand what I used to say during Malhar - Be really selfish - save our Earth.

Nobody seemed ready to understand it then.

Venky said...

@brij - Malhar - hmmm ... I was too busy thinking about "Save Water ... Shower with friends!" ;)


Navin said...

hmmm... maybe.... AIDS / Cancer etc. etc. ... not a disease... but a cure !!

I am still resisting from reading your Range de basanti post coz I haven't watched Rang De basanti. I was at home having a ball of a time with Dhruv ( nick name : Supandi :-) ) when everyone else went for the movie... So I reserve my comments until I watch the movie....

Anyway, being surrounded by absolute hard core ultra conservative Republicans ( I call them the educated illiterates... ) , time and again it has got me thinking.... However wrong, unjust, unfair and to the "rightmost tip of the wing " ( sic ) idealogies they may have.... the fact remains that they still care for their country, they love it.. no questions asked... I have been having outbursts in spurts recently... calling Right wing radio talk show hosts and fighting with them on air, voluntarily taking time of from work and going to an elderly home to socialize... Then one day I took a step back and realized, my inner self is begging, pleading me to go back... he now tells me, even if its a selfish existence that u will lead ( which u already are, so not much of a change )... its fine... lead it in India... And day and again, I go about my daily humdrum monotonous existence unabashedly, oblivious ( or maybe not ) to my country's or humanities wants and needs... And Do I think that if I go back and immerse myself in this noble cause that it will matter or make a difference... maybe, maybe not...
BUT, atleast I will die a content man justifying my own selfish reasons :-)))


- It takes a man to be a Dad

Venky said...

@Navin - I guess you summarized very well what most (i hope) conscientous Desis in the US are going thru! It is at least a constant topic in our home! D and I believe that given our investment in our lives so far, we are not in an immediate position to throw everything away - BUT - we want to be able to be in a position a few years hence - to be able to provide support (monetary and tactical) for good causes (plural!) - Lets see ...