Monday, February 06, 2006

SuperBowl 40

My first superbowl!
Yaaay! Not really! My first superbowl was not quite what I expected – maybe it was all the hype or maybe it was the sagging Rolling Stones on stage at half-time – dunno! Never did like that band … even when they were young – which must have been a hundred and sixty twelve years ago! But I digress …
Seattle Seahawks vs. the Pittsburg Steelers – not a big American Football fan, I was naturally inclined towards the Seattle Seahawks – besides, Seattle I could identify with, Pittsburgh … naaah! The game was quite interesting although the feeling in my gut told me that it was rigged! OMG – I said it! That’s right – sue me!
All the referee calls for the SeaHawks were wrong and the Steelers had a “hand of god” kind of touchdown which never really was a touchdown! But then I’m a novice in American Football – so who am I to comment!
But the whole event was not-at-all-impressive – it seemed very plastic and commercial and fake. I had more fun watching the superbowl commercials on google video today than I had watching the event! Maybe it’s the skeptic in me … or that I’m biased … or maybe I’m just bloody right!
And for the uninitiated - SuperBowl is the biggest American Football "world" championship (played only in the US!), and not a giant Bowling Competition ... altho it might very well be!

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