Wednesday, February 15, 2006


(from the official web-site)

the Political party for the Bharat of the 21st century.

The meaning of PARITRANA:
(Trana) means the act of relieving a conscious entity from the state of distress or pain. However, this relief may not be of permanent nature. (Paritrana) is the complete relief implying the end of the very cause of distress.

Thank You Pu for pointing this out. In the recent wake of discussions on Rang De Basanti and awakenings - this has provided a whole new sense of pride ... with a turbo-boost!
Paritrana - as Pu puts it are the Yuva in real life - hats off to them.
Having people with such prolific academic backgrounds from prestigious IIT's and the likes, risking their "assured high-flying careers" to take up the challenge facing us all is worth more than a mention and a few thoughts.
Intersting article here
Paritrana's official website.

I'm a mixed bag of overwhelming feelings right now ... more on this later!


brijwhiz said...

dude what is username and password to get into this site?

Venky said...

@brij - That is super duper strange. Some glitch on the website I guess! Or maybe someone has hacked into it!


De-Silva said...

looks like it's back up.....just checked!

btw, this is arvind! :-)