Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's the Good Word

24 Jan 2006 - Its 7pm - I’m sitting in class – listening to the answer I just blurted out and how the professor rehashed the same answer in his words or rather in *a* word
Its one thing to be succinct and another to be able to summarize it in one word! And I personally believe that Americans are quite adept at that – naturally. They are able to come out with superb solid words for even mediocre things!
A classic example is the kind of names they give their abysmal cars – you don’t see a Honda, Toyota or even a BMW come up with names like Firebird, Trailblazer, Thunderbird, Mustang and the likes – now those are super solid names for fast cars … unlike City, Camry, Z3 – they seem more like flowers or science experiments! Leaving aside the Ferrari and Lamborghini, thanks to their animated logos, I struggle to think of a single superb name for a fast car from outside of the US! Eclipse, Celica … probably not!


Sarat said...

My simple cynical take is that generally, the more attractive the packaging, the equally worse is the product.

But then you probably know that rule of marketing anyways! ;)

Venky said...

but then there's places in India twice, thrice even infinitely prettier than many of the "hotspots" in the US and we lack the ability to convert them to decent visiting spots!
there has to be a balance!