Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Karsh Kale - Broken English

Karsh Kale is releasing his 3rd album titled Broken English on March 21 2006.
the countdown has begun - I can feel the excitement in the air ...
as the master gets ready to deliver his third installment after Realize and Liberation.
And Thank God (and everyone else) that I am in the US - no mind-numbing 60-day agonizing waits for it to hit the local Planet M's!
And there's that reviewing community which gets the sneak previews of all this wonderful stuff - dang! someday ...
but for now -
Now where's that pre-order button ...


Navin said...

Din't wanna take any risk whatsoever of anyone forgetting to order this CD ( including you :-)) ). So since you asked the question "Where is the Pre-Order button ", my answer is, its in the upper right hand corner. :-))))

Venky said...

@Navin - thats the spirit :) So I guess, young Dhruv is going to grow up on a staple diet of KK :D