Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well well … its been a while now and so much has happened – Have been wanting to write for some time now but never could decide where to start. I guess a new car is always a good place to start a conversation :). Yep we finally bought what I always wanted – Acura TL – sweet looking Anthracite colored & black leather covered bag of wheels this mean machine – with that dontudaremesswithme styling – love it – drives like a charm.
Was toying with the option of the Civic Si – but the price vs. comfort factor AND the fact that D would not be comfortable with a stick shift ANNND of course the fact that I have been ooohing and ahhhing at every TL on the road for the past lets say … 4 years? Especially with the new meaner look after 2004 – what else can I say … it was a no brainer (not so much actually).

Learnt a lot about car buying ( a lot of it after we finalized the deal ;) ). Some very - interesting websites with negotiation simulations – very nice. Called upon all the experienced folks for advise – Gujju, Bangali, Jim and a bunch of other folks … All in the one week that D was working and I was at home – the whole idea was to “try” and get a car before I started work so that both of us could drive to work. Its another story altogether that D took the car on her own, every June 26 2006 and June 28 2006 after that!! Yep D takes the bus now. But hey she was monumental in us getting the TL – and besides I had picked her brain enough with the word TL

Getting back to the TL what more can I say … here she is. (she? Hmmm … we gotta name her … but that’s another post altogether)

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