Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Joys of listening to music with Sleeve Notes

The other day (which was a while ago) , we were listening to Ten Summoner’s tales at Arvind’s place. Now anybody who is a sting fan and has heard “Nothing Like the Sun” will agree that Nothing … was Sting’s best work till date. No to take anything away from Ten Summoner’s … but that is a totally different discussion altogether.

The point here is that we were listening to the CD and I had the sleeve notes in my hand – the subtle hint is that we were listening to “An Audio CD” sleeve notes and all and NOT mp3’s on the computer. Now I don’t know if it was the sublime dinner or the sweet sound of 5.1 speakers but the music had a very different (and nice) feeling. And I suspect that was because I was reading the sleeve notes (yes the lyric sheets and more that we lesser mortals in India never enjoyed – lest someone had a “Thomson Original” recording from Dubai or from any of the myriad of United States and their colonies!)
The joy of listening to music was truly enhanced - and I was totally loving it.
Brought back sweet memories of "Realize" “Liberation”, “Nothing like the Sun”, “Dangerous”, “But Seriously …”, “Use Your Illusion 1 & 2”, “Metallica”, “Ten”, “No Need to Argue …”, "Shakti" … … … some of my all-time favorite albums … sleeve notes and all!

So I’m thinking – should I step back into the expensive world of audio CD’s for listening to new albums or stick to the MP3 universe … biiiiiig dilemma!

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