Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rocket Science

Was in some training last week and not surprisingly, the instructor kept insisting that what we were learning was NOT “Rocket Science”. Not to take anything away from rocket science but I’m thinking – why all the fuss about rocket science being so hard to comprehend! Surely after all these decades, I think we know more about rocket science than nanobiology or stem-cell research or even why the average-american knows so little geography!
And after Star-trek/Star-Wars/Shaktimaan I’m sure the average person understands enough rocket science today to engage in a healthy debate with NASA scientists – and even win some of them! (thats solely due to Shaktimaan!)
I think its time we move on and let go of rocket science as the uber mysterious and brain-cracking phenomenon - we need to upgrade to newer analogies. I vote for the printer. Yes that seemingly harmless device on that table next to you. I firmly believe that this alien technology is more complex than rocket science. So from today I'm going to say - "Surely you can understand this topic - its not like understanding the printer" ooooooooo
More opinions are always welcome.


Raoul said...

I would suggest the phrase “It's not quantum physics” (more specifically, “It’s not string theory”). There’s something about gravitons leaking across p-branes in the eleventh dimension that I’ve always found a little perplexing.

Venky said...

@Raoul - I knew you would come up with something like this J ... and that was the whole intent :D ... but aren't the p-branes in the 12th dimension?

brijwhiz said...

I think it is easiest to just say "It's not Raoul" I think people will understand.

brijwhiz said...

hop over to for more info on the 10th dimension.