Monday, July 31, 2006

Powerpoint Presenter Tutorial

What’s it with the powerpoint presenter? They drive 30 ton trucks with 24 cylinders (to work everyday and NO they are not truck drivers!) but still can’t use a powerpoint presenter. We want to believe that the presenter is a remote control and the huge white screen is the TV – they (we) point the presenter towards the screen and then ... click click – no reponse ... “Oh shit this is just a screen!” Scramble scramble ... point the clicker towards the computer and click click click … “Oh shit I pressed the right click – how do I go back?” And then the famous “It’s so hard to go one slide back with these presenters” followed by some incomprehensible laughter and sheepish grins!
You just need to go to the Powerpoint options screen and uncheck the ‘Show Menu on Right-click’ option! its that simple! And then all these presenters would really work! really.

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