Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Women & International – how they gravitate towards their kind

Enter a room – could be a presentation, could be a meeting, could even be a snooze fest! Doesn’t matter!
The women automatically seat themselves in the proximity of other women and the international dude usually sits next to one of his comrades. If he can’t find one then he will sit by the next best option – another international entity!
What about Men you ask? – well they just want to sit next to the women – international or not!
Is it just me or does everyone notice this.


brijwhiz said...

This is the sad state of affairs - women gravitate to other women because we never give them a feeling of either security or support. We deride them for being finicky, nagging and gossip-mongers while we are simply detail-oriented, reminders and networking the latest "news". We have compartmentalized peple from the time they were kids, so this is to be expected.

Venky said...

@brij - LOL - cmon you can't be serious - men ARE superior beings!
OK OK before I get publicly lynched, I was just kidding! (Jeez - I can feel the heat already)
I don't think I agree completely with you - yes we do develop some bad habits as kids but then thats the whole point of growing up - you shed your old habits (to make some new) - esp. in the corporate world.

brijwhiz said...

my experience has been that one is best when one is young - the older you go the more narrow-minded and pre-judiced you become.