Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ah - the King's place ... finally.
Yep - on our road trip from Raleigh to Houston - this was a planned pit stop ... and boy were we glad we stopped!
My first impression on seeing the mansion from outside was "Thats all?!?" - I thought it was very small and had a sinking feeling that the $80 worth of tickets was not going to be well spent.
But thank god I was wrong :) ... Graceland is huuuuuge - appearances really are deceptive and its amazing to get a glimpse of how the King lived and how he spent his money :)
Some pics from the experience ...

I know its obvious that this is a closeup of the sleeves on one of the many outfits (jump suits) that the King adorned! But I would like to show off the fact that it was very tricky foto to compose - given the dim museum like lighting ... and without a tripod (vere have we heard that before) ... and I wanted the King's face in the background :)

One of the many rooms at Graceland ... loved the Peacock glass-work and the glass objects on the side.

The roof was mirrored - excellent opportunity for a picture me thought :) If we look funny its ONLY because of the headphones that we are wearing - came with the audio-tour!

The game room ... just loooooooved the ceiling on this one!

All the platinum records of the King ... in fact just a fraction of them!


One of Elvis' many cars ... kept in the Car Museum adjacent to Graceland

One of His guitars ... really loved the Ivory etching on the fret-board ... and the designs on the body as well (needless to say - very difficult cough cough foto to take in dim lighting!)

The King and I.

I think I'll make a Tee with the background - they had a lot of these pics throughout the place ... but none for sale in the million shops around! hmmm - I guess they need an MBA ;)

The trip brought back a lot of fond memories ... of school, college, engineering ... all the recordings (shhh), the dancing and general TP.


Charukesi said...

two things, 1. are you trying to look like John Abraham? *grin*
2. what a blast you guys are having! *turns green with envy nd goes way to mope*
2.a (since I already said I had only 2 things to say) - you are shooting wihout a tripod? all those night shots too??


Venky said...

@Charu - dunno about J Abraham but yes we were definitely having a blast! ... after two years of slogging :P (not really!)
and yes - no tripod here either ... only camera cases, walls, trash cans, water fountains ... the likes!