Friday, August 04, 2006

A long time ago

Kihim beach - circa 1995 - Sarat, Lalit and myself ( L to R) ... posing with the ball while Gujju took the picture with a point-and-shoot (analog) camera ... nice ... very nice.

A long time ago ... or was it? Time is such a cheat. Your mind decides on a time and simply sticks there ... you never go too far away from there.
1992-1997 does that to me ... seems just a few years ago but its almost 10 years gone at best and 15 years on the other side! Unfreakinbelievable!!!
9th grade thru 3-4th year of engineering ... the formative years as they say ... Still can remember the times like it was 2-3 years ago - wonder when my mind will shift to a relatively newer time-period ... sometimes I wish it never does. But then I'm sure our kids would get bored to death listening to all our stories ... I'm sure D is already fed up ... so is Dipti, Sally, Magi, Aparna and other wives ... or its just a matter of time I guess! ;)

Is it due to the fact that most of my friends I've known since I was 8? 20 years is a long time and we have grown up together ... and stayed together - am not sure if this is common - but I sure am glad that it happened to us ... and That deserves a separate post!

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