Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Standards – Masters (MS/MBA), Golf, Engineering

Monday morning – the usual niceties – “How was your weekend”, “I hope next weekend is not as hot as this one”, “God! I hate Mondays”, “My handicap is …” … and as usual everyone smiles and nods acknowledging and NOBODY listens.
How mechanical and how boring. (And before I forget where I was going with all this), so much is simply taken for granted - Everybody (almost) gels their hair, gets an engineering degree (in no particular sequence), learns how to play Golf (sporty!), does an MBA, looks smart, drinks wine (culture I say), has an opinion on cheese (even the smell of it!), comments on Iraq and of course is a self appointed “Weather expert”.
So my point is (finally!) if you’re anyways expected to do all these things then does it even make sense to do it?

The other munday I overheard a couple talking about their weekend and how it was perfect for playing Golf and how they had handicapped themselves (or whatever it is that golf playing “sportsmen” suffer from!) … and I'm thinking – I could have had that same conversation without ever having lifted a single club(of golf)! Nobody ever asks me whether I play golf or not – its expected that all of mankind does it … just like breathing in and out. Same with drinking beer, getting an MBA (in no particular order), or knowing the weather.
Then why even spend time doing all these things. There seems to be no value – perceived or otherwise – and no excitement either! I remember a conversation not so long ago where we were discussing on how a Ph.D will be the norm – it will be the Masters Degree of today - not too much into the future. We’re all about standards – and I’m not sure if I like it.
Might as well start my training on fly-by-flapping-really-fast.


brijwhiz said...

If you drink beer to get drunk, get an MBA for a job or play golf only for the victory then your point of no value stands. It is often the journey which is of value not the goal. And it is wrong to assume that what you think does not have value should be the same for others. If the smell of cheese increases a person's excitement who are you to deny him/her that pleasure.
While your post is an interesting diatribe while cool is fallacious. You are transferring your feelins onto other people and that is wrong.

Venky said...

@brij - the journey is always more fun - agreed. (like the drive to work everday :P )
And you bring up an interesting point - who am I to point out what is right and wrong - or even state the standards ... but then why do these standards exist and why do we confirm (don't deny it - we ALL do!)

p.s. and I like this word "vongyubw" that I'm having to key in!

brijwhiz said...

we conform not confirm...and I have no standards - I just allow everyone to believe I have

Venky said...

@brij - by stating that "you have no standards" you are CONFORMING and setting one :P

brijwhiz said...

Are you sure? Or just using the stupid Greek Dialouges to beat out a confession.

That aside - I never disagreed with the Conforming part. i have never been a rebel;)