Saturday, July 29, 2006

Apples & Oranges

Why do they use the term “Apples and Oranges” to point out totally different, if not opposite entities?!
Its been used enuff – need something fresh – something really good that will drive home the point. Besides, apples and oranges are not that different!
“Dubya and Intelligence” or “war for peace and peace” or “honda and toyota” or “superman and batman” or even “God and Religion”
I’m open to more options :)


De-Silva said...


Superman and Batman? what's the difference? :-P

I know that is blasphemy in your world Venks! :-) taking my chances as you guys are a thousand miles away!! I'm happy if I've irritated you enough to come out here and kick my behind! :-) I win either way!!

brijwhiz said...

HELLLOOO de-silva don't flirt with danger. I am pretty sure I am just around 800kms from you:)

Venky said...

@de-silva - arvind arvind ... you do know that Batman too reads these blogs no?
And he's got the abilities to kick your ass no matter where you are - Never and I repeat NEVER equate supes and bats.

@brij - and theres always you brij in case ol bats is busy kicking other ass ;)

De-Silva said...

Arre Brij-bhai, hullooo to you too...800 kms is far enough out for me not to worry...venki's even farther out.

dudes, i hope you realize that these are fictitious characters....where fictitious = NOT real? :-)

alright, I'm off making some sambhar and rice for you guys....looks like I'm going to have a couple of pissed off guys arriving by dinner time. Soum, you welcome too darling! :-)

tell you what, even "supes" and "bats" better watch out for my sambhar!! (for obvious reasons that I cant cook!)


Venky said...

@de-silva - well well - if this attitude (and beliefs) of yours continue, then I guess that sambhar is not going to be had orally (if you get the drift) ;)