Saturday, April 22, 2006

Indian Ocean

Amidst all this chaos, managed to squeeze in time for the Indian Ocean concert last night - and man it doesn't get better than this :) Not only were we entertained for 3+ hours, we spend time actually talking to the band-menmbers, autographing CD's, taking pictures (we forgot our camera - :P) ... sweet stuff.
How I wish we could have similar experiences in India ... I guess thats never going to happen - unless of course you're one of the organizers/sponsors yada yada yada ... or there's a 150 odd audience in the concert! (like thats ever going to happen!)
Back to Indian Ocean - these dudes are amazing musicians ... 4-piece band - very tight performance and super entertaining to watch - will not miss the next show.
And yes - it helps soooo much to finally have faces to the voices ... its added a whole new dimension to the listening experience ... and I will reserve the rest for a later post!


Ron said...

you are so right about never being able to get backstage etc unless you are one of the organisers in india. till i started working in PR, i always saw these rock bands and theatre personalities performing on a stage far far away. its only in the last 3 years that i have been meeting celebs...naseeruddin shah, sachin tendulkar and rahul bose (swoooon) among them :)

Venky said...

Rahul Bose - now that is someone I want to meet. At least you won;t hear an adoloscent voice saying "Visa power - go get it" :)