Monday, March 20, 2006

Broken English Review

Today - May 19 – a Sunday – after 8 hours of back to back project meetings in school … :P – driving back home – tired and thinking of the tasks to complete and e-mails to send before going to bed – D suggests that we check our mailbox – oh yes! We forgot to check it yesterday and USPS does work on Saturdays! Sure enough there was this small package in the mailbox – Now I have heard of miracles and have also seen some – and am at a loss of words (which doesn't happen much) on how a CD that is slated to release on March 21st is sitting on my desk on May 19th – I know I per-ordered it and stuff … but this is unfrackinbelievable!
Be still my beating heart and also those green and burning hearts outside – as I write I am on my fifth run of Broken English! Need I say more?
As promised this album is extremely unlike GOD’s previous works (read previous two albums) – there’s vocals … on almost every track … and with complete lyrics too  - almost a Sawhney twist to album – but way better – awesome++ for lack of a better word!
As usual the first track is not one of my favorites … a good track with haunting vocals by Vaid (of course!). But the fun just begins from 'Manifest' and keeps building up before leaving you on a high with the aptly titled 'Rise Up'!… I won’t spoil it for those still wanting a virgin experience – but GOD has done a lot more (and more) in this album.
Unfortunately my plans of locking myself in the car and listening to the album got shot when some pricks broke into my car and stole my radio few days ago :( - I hope their engine seizes ... and their hood rots and falls off when its raining - among other things! ... sigh ... but then all that's in the past
So am with my trustworty headphones and computer ... Right now – I’m really loving Broken English … and every beat of it!

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De-Silva said...


I feel your pain is disheartening to have something like that happen to you.....specially when you have a killer head unit like that!

May the killjoy mofo lose the ability to enjoy music....along with your shraaps as well! :-)

Cheer up!