Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why do we stand at the doorstep and talk?

I’ve always noticed this. Its never – get-up from the couch, say-your-goodbye’s,grab your coat and stuff, walk to the door, open it, walk out and hear the sound of the door closing behind you!
There’s always the assemble at the door – the huddle – where the last bits of most interesting conversation are had … nevermind that it’s the end of the day and you’re standing while its cold outside or that the stuff you’re holding is heavy or that you're standing in an awkward position holding the door! (or even that mom is asking you to step in and be comfortable!)
Can’t understand it – can’t stop it – don’t think I want to either!

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De-Silva said...

Mom? kauh hain bhai?? :-)

Can't imagine NOT talking at the doorstep while leaving.....I think I know why I do that...

I usually have a couple of things to discuss / update etc,. but the conversation inside the house gets sidetracked / on a tangent / call it what you will. Just when I'm leaving...and am at the doorstep, my agenda items (the most interesting things!) come back into memory and therefore the 5 minute (make it 30) mid-house conference! :-)

Cheers....Good blog though! :-)