Monday, March 27, 2006

The NCSU Saree Exhibition

NCSU Gallery of Art and Design is hosting a Saree Exhibition till May. Preethu helped Lynn and Zoe with actually wrapping the sarees on the mannequins. Awesome collection of sarees and other Desi stuff … nice museumish lighting … unfortunately taking pics without a tripod becomes extremely difficult!
Interesting to see other cultures’ take on sarees and their points of views … makes us realize how much we take things for granted … and also of how little we know!
Some pics from sometime ago ...

I look at this saree and say - hmm nice design while Lynn is at a loss of words trying to imagine how they must have manually woven the saree with the designs interspersed in-between!

Now I have seen the Kashmiri/Sindh embroidery a thousand times, but when Lynn mentioned that she still hadn't found out why all the stuff from this region had this symbol somewhere in the embroidery, I didn't know what to say!

One of my favourites -

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Ron said...

Wow!!! That gold and white saree was just gorgeous!!