Thursday, March 23, 2006

NYC - The Greatest City on the planet!

Its hard to place a finger on the energy in NYC - the city rocks ... literally! It takes a lot for me to say this but I think I shall go out on a limb and actually say it – “NYC is the greatest city on the planet! It truly is the big brother of Bombay!”
The subways, the music @subway stations, the energy, the people, midtown comics, the bull, the ferry, the statue, large billboards, building sized movie posters, the lights, the bright colors, the BMW bridges among other things truly make this city great. Sure, unlike Bombay you really can’t walk on the streets at any time of the year – it does get frikkin cold in winter – but the spirit is the same.
I always connect when I’m in the vicinity of NYC – I somehow feel safer and happier … I know that sounds screwed up but hey that’s the way it is!
This time around, D and I actually took the subway during rush hour to actually get a feel of it – honestly for someone who’s traveled in the local trains in Bombay, this is wayyyyyyyy to orderly … even easier than taking the local trains during off peak hours in Bombay.
And the live music and acts on every subway station makes it really interesting. Here’s some of the stuff we saw this time …
These twins playing some superb Spanish stuff … Gipsy Kingish (videos here & here)
This group of three dancers performing (video)
Grand Central (video) – OMG – this place is prettier than many of our airports! How I would love to sit here in the morning and watch the suns rays seep in through the vents.
Times Square and thereabouts
And more …

There’s still so much more to see and do … all in good time.
Some visuals from this time around ...

An quick draw by Rosh at the end of our pictionary session ... more on that later!

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Sib said...

I is one of the best cities on the planet...I love visiting the place and have done so multiple times, and each time I see a different facet of the city...and it leaves me with wanting a lot more !

But I am in love with big cities in general and NYC is probably the biggest...I just love the large masses of people on the streets at all odd hours and the fact that you can find something to do at any point of time !