Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Food Please

At the risk of being called a foodie by a dear friend (who christened me so because of my craving for vada-pav!!), I shall nevertheless venture on this topic ;)

For a long time, each time someone would ask me about good restaurants in Raleigh, I would promptly reply – “The Irregardless cafĂ©” – Sure enough this is a great place to dine and even dance on weekends. (altho dear one did not find time to visit it this time as well!)

But in the recent past we have discovered some excellent dining in the area …
A quick survey by Soumya and Preethu revealed this excellent restaurant in Raleigh - ShabaShabu. Do NOT miss this if you’re in the vicinity – Thai/Lounge/Sushi. Already been there twice and have recommended to juntax.

Thanks to De-Silva for introducing us to this awesome Greek place – Xios – great food, great ambience – loved it.

Thanks again to De-Silva for introducing us to Pao-Lim This awesome Chinese place which can be called Indo-Chinese – awesome food and psssst … they serve hidden “gobi Manchurian” – the dish is not on their menu but with a wink and the secret password you shall be treated :D

Shucks I’m hungry now!

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De-Silva said...

Damn! It's precisely 9:11 a.m. and I'm dying for some Gobi Manchurian....this is NOT supposed to happen....I should be thinking cereal and cold milk! Oh..I had that already! :-)

Make plans venky....let's hit that joint again!


P.S. Thanks for the plugs to my blog!! moochas gracias :-)))