Monday, September 25, 2006

Safe ty

Ok! Safety is a big thing at work … no really - it’s a huuuuuuuuge thing – and that’s awesome! They even have an ergonomic workstation evaluation for every employee … heck our tables are motorized so that you can adjust the height of the table! And then we have these safety meetings where we enlighten the rest on some safety topic.
Getting to the point (about time!) – One of the favorite topics is “kids and driving” … awesome topic – ppl generally talk about the ills of reckless driving, why safety-belts are so important, checking behind the car before you back up … stuff like that. And then most of these presentation generally mention the fact that DWI causes the most number of deaths … especially in teenagers and young adults. Why you really shouldn’t drink and drive.
I have to comment on this.

First off … I believe that it is NEVER fine to drink and drive … period! So if you disagree with me then don't waste your time (and mine) reading the rest ...
Now, I really don’t see any reduction in the number of accidents in the US (and the rest of the developing world) because of DWI. Why you ask?
Culture shift.
That’s what is needed … and I’m sorry to say – that’s not going to happen.
Picture this – 30000+ people watching a ball game – everyone’s enjoying … coke, nachos, chips, cookies interrupted only by the loud screams of “cold beeeeeeeeeeer”! Oh yes – I have seldom seen any moving carts for water or coke but the “cold beeeeeeeeeeeer” fellow walks by every 45 seconds … like clockwork! Sure enough everyone around us has a cool-looking beer bottle (and many more empty ones under the seat) and everyone is enjoying the “spirit” of the game!Correct me if I am wrong … if I were to count the number of people who reside in the stadium there wouldn’t be any! So we’re talking about 30000 odd people who are about to drive out of the stadium - at night - after the game … baseball, football, ice-hockey, basketball … doesn’t matter – THEY DRINK AND DRIVE OUT OF THE PARKING LOT OF THE STADIUM!

Oh yes there’s always cops outside the stadium. But for some inexplicable reasons, all that they do is direct traffic … oh no – the breath analyzers have disappeared mysteriously and hard-working cops are reduced to being traffic signs … hmmm!

I don’t understand why there is such a big hue and cry over safety and all the good stuff when such a glaring mistake is so conveniently overlooked … in the name of sports, music , entertainment … whatever!

But wait … I'm the doofus here! That is how it is supposed to done, no? It is impossible to see the curve of the ball traveling at 125 mph … unless you’ve had a few drinks. Of course! And don’t even try to listen to the delicate sounds of thunder … or Pink Floyd … at any concert - extremely dangerous without the complementary 12-pack! A fun evening at the park without alcohol you say?!!? … are you on crack? And chill - its only a couple of beers dude ... it tastes like piss and there's no hangover after a couple of hours. Its not whisky or rum. I can drive all night - no problem.

Bah! Stop the bus please … I need to get off!

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