Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ganapati Bappa Moriya

Miss the festive air in Bombay … walking around Vashi visiting all the Ganpati’s … so much Prasad that we skipped dinner (almost!). Fun days those … going from sector to sector taking notes from the schedule of programs and movies and then embarking on the weekend night journeys - chaddar and all - for those all-night thingies.
This time it was an 8 hour drive from Houston to Arkansas – to Hemant and Madhu’s. Those guys had done an AWESOME decoration … hand made and all. Next Morning saw Hemant and me don our pandit avatars and do the pooja (I was being funny … much to Jo’s dismay ;) ) – but it was good fun. Unfortunately we had to leave in the evening as I had my flight back to San Ramon. But we did manage to pack a lot in the 24 hours or less that we spent.
Ganapati Bappa Moriya. (I know Dussera is around the corner now but the feeling still lingers :) )


De-Silva said...

Do I notice the ahem "visible" signs of prosperity dude? Is that elliptical trainer gathering dust in a corner? :-)

Was this pic taken before you downed 20 kadubus or after? :-)

Glad you had a good Ganesha festival among friends!

Venky said...

Are you referring to the statues? coz Ganapati is known to be plump ;)
its the silk dhoti dude ... you know how it creases and stuff ;)
as for the elliptical trainer yes - it has gained considerable weight - I don't think we can move it anymore :D