Wednesday, September 20, 2006

American History X

American History X
Thank You Sarat. Some more prodding from some of my colleagues and I took the DVD with me – sat in my hotel room in San Ramon and saw it. Very thought provoking. Very Very. Lots of things hit me … very hard. Immigrants … crime … poverty … justice – what’s right and what’s wrong? How would I think if I was on the other side of the fence … maybe I’ll get the chance in a couple of decades with all the India shining … I hope I do. Then maybe … I hope I don’t – I might not be able to accept the truth. I’m not sure – unity in diversity of India seemed good as long as everyone got their large shares … but the pie’s getting smaller with every day … it’s a different world … in just a couple of centuries … or less.
Some things that lingered … (not verbatim)
Immigrants/Minorities – they’re not here to embrace the country – they don’t really love the country like we do – they’re just here to take what they can. They don’t embrace – they exploit.
Why are most of the social problems in immigrant/minority communities?
Poverty really does not justify crime.

Now I don’t subscribe to hate ... or violence – Never. BUT - I am not in the same shoes now am I? … it’s so easy for me to give my two cents! (pun intended)

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