Monday, March 31, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar Review

The Jodhaa Akbar experience in 3 (or more) words

- to the Movie

- to Ashutosh Gowariker
Stop making movies! ~please~

- to AR Rahman
Was it you?

- to Hrithik Roshan

- to Aishwarya
at least TRY to act!

- to all the technicians and animals involved in the movie

- Conclusion
Waste of time

- Serious Conclusion
Absolute waste of time

- No jokes this time - Conclusion
Poking yourself in the eye is less painful ... and a lot faster.


you get the drift!

Ashutosh Gowariker seems to simply love making movies - he loves making them so much that he just doesn't want to stop - no really - give this man his way and he would would make a 10 hour movie - about how he woke up in the morning and took a crap! and oh - since there are 100 elephants in his backyard it is as epic.

Oh Ashutosh ... I have this excellent theme for your next movie -
remember the Ek-Anek animation that used to show on Doordarshan? Lets make a 4 hour musical epic out of that one ... it even has birds and squirrels!


preethu said...

Great review… i almost died laughing…
but why did u diss ek anek… i thought that was a very cute movie…

billy_beetle_dilly said...

LOL... Doode ... awesome review... My sentiments exactly... Also, I have noticed that while watching such movies I tend to fade into the background... don't know if this happens to you but I fade out and start observing extras in the background and other inanimate objects in the background... I can swear that I noticed at least three four extras burst out laughing while running around hysterically trying to enact a war scene... I also think I noticed one of the elephants take a huge dump but I am not sure due to the quality of the print :-)

but your last comment was wonderful...
Chal Ashutosh, jugaat lagate hain

brij said...

I liked the movie:)

Pallavi said...

hey, it wasn't really that bad. In fact, it was nice, I liked it. Ofcourse if he could condense it to a two and a half hour thing it would be better. You weren't expecting a Snatch, were you? ;))