Monday, January 22, 2007

Testing 123 - Democracy - Human Rights - Freedom

I just want to test again - this time in bold

Are we really living in 2007. All this censorship is utterly ridiculous ...
"Google actively censors results of searches conducted in China and has also removed sites offensive to the Chinese government from Google News. Microsoft actively censors blogs on the Chinese version of MSN spaces to filter out words such as "democracy" and "human rights."

taken from this article - Tech companies, NGOs working on code of conduct

No seriously - I guess they do need to work on a code of conduct ... and ethics ... and human rights - we're human after all!
Of course if you can't read this post then just know that you're being watched!
Vande Mataram.

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De-Silva said...

Thought you might find this interesting!

so, in what way are the chinese different from the madrasas that teach jihad? Well, I'm exaggerating...but...