Thursday, January 11, 2007

Acquired Taste

I really didn't like this movie much ... but my wife loves it ... sure enuff I've seen it eleventeen times by now and guess what ... I like it now - I can even tell you obscure trivia about the movie!
And then there was yoghurt - hated it a few years ago ... then went to a remote town in Korea (South of course!) ... yoghurt and tomatoes were pretty much the only veggie options available ... at it for 6 months ... ta da - love yoghurt now – even know how to make it!
And oh, didn't think much of cheese 10 years ago ... and then nothing happened! never traveled to France - was never locked away in a room made of cheese and never wanted to join the Cheesy Club (pun intended!) Guess what ... I still don't think much of it - some of them stink!

But then Cheese is an acquired taste dumbass! You have to ACQUIRE IT! … over time … slowly and with class, elegance and oh-so-pompousness …
Gah! What a bunch of crap!
Really don't buy into the notion of acquired taste – if you don’t like something you don’t like it – PERIOD!
Unless of course by some unavoidable circumstances you move to Korea, succumb to peer pressure, lose your olfactory senses, need to be called "classy", become blind or are desperate(in no particular order)

Funny part is – You only attach acquired taste with the supposedly "classy" Cheese, Wine, Havana, Scotch etc.
For everything else … you either like it or are allergic to it! God forbid I ever mention that broccoli is an acquired taste - no couture they say!
What Crap!


De-Silva said...

I'm definitely a firm believer in the "acquired taste" theory boss....

Broccoli, salads in general...used to hate them sum-biatches.....but now eat 'em like a buffalo and actually enjoy them! :-)

have not yet acquired the taste of beer....and for the sake of my gut, hope I never do...Cheers!

ĞǒǒğšMăštĕr™ said...


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